Why I teach Art

“It takes far less energy to move from first-rate performance to excellence than it does to move from incompetence to mediocrity. Use feedback analysis to identify your strengths. Then go to work on improving your strengths. Identify and eliminate bad habits that hinder the full development of your strengths. Figure out what you should do … Continue reading Why I teach Art


How to Build a great Artist Website

Being an artist, one must have a great Artist Website which not only features his art works but everything has to relate within a theme- representing the artist's style and character in Art. Building an Artist Website is not as difficult as you may think. This blog will explain useful tips on how to create … Continue reading How to Build a great Artist Website

The Ideal Beauty in Art and Why it led me to Stop Modelling

Beauty has always been a prominent subject since the beginning of time. Although beauty can be found everywhere and anywhere, with today's use of social media, the ideal beauty has its negative affects on society especially young people. Since the beginning of time, there has always been an ideal beauty which people felt the need … Continue reading The Ideal Beauty in Art and Why it led me to Stop Modelling

The Planning and Curation of an Art Exhibition

Planning and curating an Art exhibition takes a lot of work and dedication. However, it takes much more work than we think and imagine. From layout planning, to distribution of lighting, setting up an exhibition takes a long process in order to look professionally executed. As an MCAST student, every year an exhibition is held … Continue reading The Planning and Curation of an Art Exhibition

Expressing my Unconscious through Art

It’s long been a personal theory of mine, that repressed memories and traumatic experiences derive from the unconscious, and become visible within our dreams. Studies have shown, that with the help of psychotherapy, one can access the unconscious part of the brain to understand the hidden meaning of dreams.   In this series of works, … Continue reading Expressing my Unconscious through Art

World Evolution represented through Art

Charles Darwin's theory about World Evolution, might be actually happening. Pollution and Global Warming are a few of the many factors that are destroying our globe. Through Art, one can be able to create global awareness and take action of what the world is turning into. From what the world is currently going through, our future … Continue reading World Evolution represented through Art

Environment and Global Warming Awareness Project

With all the war, politics, religion and celebrity news being shown 24/7, environmental issues around the globe are the least mentioned among the world's population. The amount of fish in the sea is decreasing rapidly, forests are vanishing, air is polluted mostly due to factories which is causing our climate change and global warming. We, human … Continue reading Environment and Global Warming Awareness Project

We are Citizens of Nowhere

We are citizens of nowhere. Why nowhere? Nowhere is the reflection of humanity destroying the world- our homeland, our environment and our living. And what makes this even more shocking, is that it is destroying our health and living and not many are aware. My project called Citizens of Nowhere started from basic research on … Continue reading We are Citizens of Nowhere

Art is No Hobby

"Art School will get you nowhere", "You should stop doing Art and get a real job", "You make no money out of Art" & the famous "But Art is easy". These are some of the dogmatic responses an artist gets when saying that he is in art school or works as an artist. Little do … Continue reading Art is No Hobby

Mastering the Charles Bargue method

It is known that the Charles Bargue method helps observational skills, enhance creativity, proportion and helps the individual's technical skills in being precise. One must need: Good lighting Fine Paper A set of Pencils from H to 9B An Eraser and a Patty Rubber A String or a Compass First things first, always have good … Continue reading Mastering the Charles Bargue method