How to Build a great Artist Website

Being an artist, one must have a great Artist Website which not only features his art works but everything has to relate within a theme- representing the artist’s style and character in Art. Building an Artist Website is not as difficult as you may think.

This blog will explain useful tips on how to create a great artist website… Even if you have never created a website.


Start by designing your logo. Sketch it first.. Think of what your Art represents. It can have your initials, your full name with a specific font, it can be part of an art work or a digital rendering. Once ready, either design it on Photoshop and save it as PNG or if you do not know how, there are logo designers or online websites which can help you out.

Take good quality photos of your artworks in high resolution and good lighting (preferably natural light without shadows). I like to take my photos in RAW format for best quality, then edit tones in Photoshop.

Fullscreen capture 05062017 024908.bmp

Kelsey May Connor

Start designing your website. I created mine on Squarespace; it depends on the style you want your website to look like. However, I have found Squarespace much easier to create an artist website. You can pay for a specific domain straight away and start designing your site by selecting a theme which correlates to your Art’s sense of style.

A website MUST haves:

  • A logo which takes you back to home page
  • Good quality photos
  • Home Page which shows you what the site is about
  • A nice and clean menu link with all navigation
  • A great About page
  • A contact page with both email and an online mail
  • Easy accessible and to navigate through
  • Not too crouded, keep it nice and clean
  • All pages should have the Title of the page on top, so that the visitor will know which page he is on
  • Photographs of works should always have title and any information about the work
  • SEO is your friend- Use it, create hashtags and write small descriptions using same specific words so that your site will rank higher on Google search

Fullscreen capture 04042017 225225.bmp

To check out my Artist Website, head on to: 




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