World Evolution represented through Art

Charles Darwin’s theory about World Evolution, might be actually happening. Pollution and Global Warming are a few of the many factors that are destroying our globe. Through Art, one can be able to create global awareness and take action of what the world is turning into. From what the world is currently going through, our future is not as bright as we might think.

Building constructions and new homes are replacing many animal and insects’s habitat- which are forests containing millions of trees. Deforestation is not only decreasing the amount of trees we have in the world, but it is the elimination and destruction of multiple animal and insect species which many of them are becoming extinct, one of them being the Orangutan due to palm oil found in many of our food’s ingredients.


We are very much aware that there is a high level of sea rise happening around the globe, but not many of the world population that this affects multiple sea creatures, the temperature and our climate. Mother nature is taking action on what humanity has had destroyed throughout the years and this is increasing rapidly by time. It is predicted that global warming will take its toll on the world’s evolution and how it will look like- high level rise of sea, decrease of trees and an increase in air pollution.dsc_1974.jpg

My intention of being an artist has changed along the years. From what it started as producing beautiful art, my intention now is to create and express message and awareness through an artwork but yet still  aesthetically beautiful. This will create attention among various sectors but it is the message that in the end will grasp people’s understanding of what Art should be about; creating art for change, for appreciation and for social, emotional, and global cognition.




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