Expressing my Unconscious through Art

It’s long been a personal theory of mine, that repressed memories and traumatic experiences derive from the unconscious, and become visible within our dreams. Studies have shown, that with the help of psychotherapy, one can access the unconscious part of the brain to understand the hidden meaning of dreams.  

In this series of works, I talk to my conscious self from the unconscious. Through psychotherapy, I unraveled the truth behind some of my recurrent dreams which have consequently been translated into intimate, surreal artworks.

Photo by Emma Grima

Art can be therapeutic, providing a passage way or insight into  suppressed emotions that one was incapable of  expressing through other means; which is why I decided to explore identity and the unconscious  – in theory, as in practice. I believe the subject of an artwork should go hand in hand with the medium and technique.  My foremost and preferred medium is pencil drawing, which allows for refined details and reveals hidden symbols throughout the image. Childhood memories and self identity are the core subjects in my work, whilst the representation of environmental issues is also given due importance. I personally believe that: ‘Art which speaks, is Art achieved’.

By projecting my dreams into small intimate boxes, one is looking through the unconscious from the small hole on the box. This creates a 3D illusion and a blurry effect to the illustrations; a representation of the memory of a dream.


Photo by Emma Grima

The project is the final piece developed from my thesis ‘An Investigation of the Unconscious in Surrealism’. The series of work will be exhibited during the Final Year Exhibition at MCAST Institute of the Creative Arts – 30th June to the 4th of July; an Art exhibition which will be open for the public.


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