We are Citizens of Nowhere

We are citizens of nowhere. Why nowhere? Nowhere is the reflection of humanity destroying the world- our homeland, our environment and our living. And what makes this even more shocking, is that it is destroying our health and living and not many are aware.

My project called Citizens of Nowhere started from basic research on the affects of the environment. The aim of this project is to reflect the voiceless environment that is screaming for humanity to take notice and action. War, Religion and politics are on our TV 24/7, celebrities are mentioned everyday but the environment is the last thing on most people’s minds. Taking different environmental aspects I wanted to trigger emotions and create awareness of current situations happening around the globe.

The project involved in creating various art works which can be viewed HERE . The sea, the land, the air, the living species… All were gathered and manipulated into sarcastic pieces of art works. In some cases- colour played a big role in a photograph, but the colour white in coral had a bigger impact representing death of the sea. The shape of the sphere/circle was used multiple times- it represents unity, a team and humanity and it is also representing the dying globe. The artistic element of space was also used throughout the artwork- mostly it represented the polluted air we breathe and void.

Research and the environment around me influenced not only what I produce in my art, but also the way I understand things in life and the way I live. This project reflected a positive vibe and served as a wake up call towards what is happening to the world and how I should live my life, but it also triggered a negative emotion within me when noticing what US human are capable of.

Life Drawing31-001


Final Piece

Through research, different environmental aspects where translated into art works. These all served as a study phase which than led me up to the final piece. The final piece called ‘The Four Globes’ representing world’s current issues.

  • Dead Coral- The colour white and gray were used for this piece. I wanted this piece to transmit beauty by creating fine details and realistic imitations of coral reef. The colour white represents the death of the coral reef due to global warming and pollution.
  • Oil Spill- The colour black and texture is what makes this piece. The small globe is covered in black oil representing the oil spill found in our seas.
  • Deforestation- The more trees we chop, the less oxygen we have, endangered species will become extinct and more pollution in the air around us.
  • Polluted Air- The sand texture of this species plays a big part for this piece. This globe features the image of how Earth will eventually look like within years. No trees, but brown foggy textured and polluted air- meaning more health problems and animal extinction.




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