Art is No Hobby

“Art School will get you nowhere”, “You should stop doing Art and get a real job”, “You make no money out of Art” & the famous “But Art is easy”. These are some of the dogmatic responses an artist gets when saying that he is in art school or works as an artist. Little do they know that Art is everywhere around us.


Art has been practiced since the beginning of time, serving as one of the primary ways of communication, expressive beliefs and human culture. From then onward, it evolved into Art appreciation and artistic painting which represented religion and the boastfully rich. Art by time changed and developed to what we have today; Art historians, Art creators- known as artists, Art Critics, art Collectors, people who enjoy Art and then there are people who will never get the concept of what Art is.

Art is all the things that makes us and what we evolved in today- starting from the necessity products we use to everything which catches our retina-.

Art is your clothing designs, the wallpaper in your bedroom, the furniture in your dining room, the floor tiles you walk on, the design of your house, the expensive handbag you like to wear on weekends.. All these things go through a whole process of design; and without art, there will be no design. An art design or art work, takes a long process of thinking, dedication, creation and assembling and a degree of talent which takes years of practice. Students who are in interest in taking an art course are interested in history, in what built what we have today. It is an appreciation of design itself. Hobby is the opposite term of what designers and artists practice.

Art is beauty, Art is expression, Art is emotion. the very language that we speak, the rhythm and structure. But it is also the absence -the language that we cannot speak in literary terms-. It is the way creators speak. It is also being practiced as a therapeutic method to various illnesses, disorders and even people who have ADHD and Autism and also serve as an expression towards people who feel vulnerable or have had a troubled childhood. Art is also known as being a way of expressing unconscious suppressed thoughts that derive from anxiety, stress or abusive memories.


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