Ever heard of Hypnagogia?

Yes you read it right.. and yes it actually exists. The word Hypnagogia refers to the ‘hypnagogic’ state of the transition between sleep and reality. Imagine: while laying on your bed and WHILE your eyes are still open, you start visualizing forms/ hallucinations. But what is scary is, that they are not actual dreams, as you are still awake with eyes wide open! This is known as a ‘Waking Dream‘. Only a few people experience the Hypnagogic illusion. And to be even more specific there is only 167,000 results on Google when you search the term.

Freaky right? But there’s more. Since this mental state occurs to only a couple of people, including myself, it is not a very well known sleeping paralysis. Everyone experiences diverse visions but the only experience I can discuss is my own hallucinations. I have been experiencing Hypnagogia since a very tender age.

The Experience

The illusions that I envision can be described as surreal, haunting and uncanny. While I lay in bed and just before I start getting sleepy, in front of me appears complete whiteness and nothing else. My room vanishes into thin air and everything around me disappears. In a split of a second, a black circle appears in the middle of this white scene, appearing and disappearing in a slow rhythmic order. Black cubes start to congest around the circle rapidly,  ‘waking me up’ abruptly without breath and anxious. However, the difference is that I would not be really waking up, but rather just opening my eyes. The experience takes only seconds and through research I have realized that every individual’s visual experience is different.

Have you ever experienced Hypnagogia?

Watch a digital rendering of my experience HERE



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