Art Installation- The Labyrinth’s Experience

Who would have known that from just FOUR artistic elements one can transmit them into an art installation? ‘The Labyrinth’s Experience’ is an artistic environment where one’s senses can be indulged into a surreal atmosphere.

The collaboration between Emma Grima, Juanita Vassallo, Dorissa Vella and myself, was a team work where each one of us had a specific artistic element to research. The colour yellow, the shape of a sphere, the mineral salt and artist Ansel Adams. With a combination of these principles an art installation had to be evolved.

The colour yellow- Godly, A vibrant colour which transmits happiness, Symbolic meaning of a bigger presence, A symbolic meaning of a costly present for a King, The colour of Apollo, and The colour of light.
The shape of a sphere- Symbolic meaning of unity and infinity, Symbol of the sun and moon, Symbol of female spirituality, Symbol of all cycles: Seasons, Life and death, The movement of the planets, Eternity and God.
Salt- Symbol of sacred sign in Egypt, Purity, Religion and Ritual
Artist Ansel Adams- Contemporary artist, Photographic work, Monochrome photographs, Landscape, Dodging and Burning effect, Contrast of light and dark


Our aim is to create an experience, an environment where light is prominent and using a formation of a ritual inside a dark black room. By creating a labyrinth shape using salt, we are creating a space which is interactive with the viewer, it is also a representation of ancient times where salt was considered as sacred and used for ritualistic acts. The labyrinth will end into a form of a circle where a golden sphere is hung just above it, with light creating a shadow exactly on the circle on the floor. By putting a golden light just above the circle, a contrast of light and shadow is met on the sphere hung in the middle. 


Photo by Emma Grima

The Experience

People visiting the installation had to remove their shoes to get into the feel of ritualistic environment. Smoke and incense is used throughout the installation. One by one, 5 people are joined and formed into a circle around the golden sphere; when curiosity strucked them, they started to interact with the sphere by moving it around- creating forms and dodging and burning effects on the circle on the ground. This is caused with the light the sphere is blocking, which created crescent shapes with its shadow. The people who visited the installation expressed their thoughts on the piece as being- ‘surreal’ and ‘dream-like experience’.


Photo by Emma Grima

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