Artistic Elements & Principles

Art has come a long way to how it is created nowadays. The expression of freedom in an art work was not something an artist would follow in the 19th century and below. Artistic elements and principles were a must back in the day, and it served as an inspiration towards today’s contemporary artists.

So what are artistic elements and principles? These are pattern, colour, form, line, space, touch, smell, material, techniques etc. My painting WAVES developed simply from an emotion. Extracting information from research can give you so much to work on. from simply an emotion, which was sadness one can brainstorm symbolic representation of the term.

WAVES progressed from a simple term of an emotional feeling- sadness. This can be derived from depression, anxiety, childhood background and life problems- Meaning that by brainstorming the word can lead you to visualize different elements and forms. Cold colours represent sadness, dullness and dark. With my painting WAVES, I wanted to paint a beautiful scenery but with just its elements- composition- empty spaces meaning lost, colour- blues, texture- smooth for the sky and rough for the sea.

Art in the 19th century, elements and rules were made not to be broken. Art was only accepted if artists go by the rules- by using certain characteristics, which were beautiful landscapes using bright colours and vivid visual forms which were of an awe during the days, as talent was more praised than being creative. But as everyone says, rules are made to be broken. By the 20th century the surrealistic movement broke the artists free from all rules. Artists like Salvador Dali and Picasso wanted to paint what they want but express themselves by using certain elements, certain principles, certain characteristics- but by their own rules. By time, even though elements and principles can still be maintained throughout an artistic process, the freedom of expression has led the artist to create art that represent them as an individual rather than what people want.



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