Overwhelming Relevance- Exhibition Review

Overwhelming Relevance by Russian artist Alexandre Gorenstein, a surreal art exhibition displaying a number of uncanny symbolic paintings. Being a fan of surreal paintings, I visited the exhibition held at Gallery T’el’in Art Lounge in Msida. Displaying a number of paintings, all works had a consistency of colour and almost all art works had a mutual characteristic in them.


It is clear that Alexandre Gorenstein has had a number of years in art practice. This is evidenced in his technique used in the paintings- realistic depictions of the skin and objects. But there is a certain element in his art works which makes them surreal. The flatness and choice of colour transmits the paintings as dream-like images. The artist seems to have an emotional connection with cards, balloons, shells and clowns as they can be found hidden in most of the paintings showcased at the exhibition.


Meeting the Artist


It was a pleasure meeting Alexandre Gorenstein. One of my main questions was what inspires him to paint this kind of art. He quickly responded that it comes naturally to him. It feels like it is something that he must do. His techniques and processes came through experience. The visual imagery comes from his childhood, and the symbolic characteristics found in most of his works are a connection to some of his memories and dreams.

Gorenstein explains that it takes some time for an inspiration to trigger into his senses. However, there are days where he wakes up and he has a visual imagery in his mind. He explains that he has been working on this project for quite a while and wanted to exhibit these paintings into various countries, one of them being Malta, showcasing his insight among Maltese artists and inspiring people with surrealistic imagery.



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