My experience designing the Marsa Power Station Monument

The Marsa Power Station- the huge rusty building sites, the workers, the atmosphere in Marsa, the big old machinery… These were just a few of the elements I came across while working/designing the Power Station monument as part of MCAST’s collaboration project with Enemalta.

“The aim of the concept is to show the progress of old technologies, being replaced by new technologies to produce cleaner energy as well as the growth of Enemalta.”

My experience to this project was challenging. Walking through the ambiance at the station was like walking through another world. The rusted machinery, the high ceiling, the workers, all evoked an emotion. An emotion triggering the feeling of an absence; the absence of the worker’s place, or more like home. Being such a big project for such an important element to our islands, I took the project very seriously and enjoyed designing a monument which is much different to what I usually specialize in.

In the year 2016, Enemalta collaborated with Mcast, particularly the Fine Arts & 3D students, to create an inaugural memorial monument of the workers who worked throughout the years at Marsa Power Station.

The project itself required the two disciplines (fine arts and 3D) to become one and merging our skills to create the monument. Merging the human and the machine. Since the monument itself needs to represent the hardship of the workers, our concept focuses on the importance of the human side which are the workers, becoming one with the machine to generate the electricity needed by the Maltese islands.


The drawings and preparation took months to process and create a final idea. Together with the 3D students, our designs changed elements and combined ideas with the landscaping design.



The designs went through a whole process of change until we, as a team created a minimal piece with symbolic value. The final idea include- steps which represent the steps and process of the Power Station, the arches are a representation of the past, present and future: starting from rusted pipes to acrylic tubes presenting a cleaner brighter future. The aim of the concept is to show the progress of old technologies, being replaced by new technologies to produce cleaner energy as well as the growth of Enemalta.


Launching of the monument will be held on the 20th of April. The event will showcase the project and process of the installation whereby students, workers and Enemalta staff will all join in to celebrate the 60th year of the Marsa Power Station.


Watch the journey of designing and setting up of the monument HERE


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