Art & Perspective

It is all about Perspective & Perception in Art

Since the beginning of time, Art was of a huge importance in how people interpret their emotions and their surroundings through the use of different mediums. If it is a drawing or a painting or even a sculpture, it always depends on our own perception. Perception is a personal way how we interpret things or and perceive them.

What we see does not necessarily mean what we think it means. And, it may be very different to what others see.








This is why everyone has his own identity in Art; a freedom of expression, a way of expressing your inner demons or create Art as a means of therapy. Perspective is in part the visual sensory function while perception is the consequent cognitive interpretation our mind performs. A realistic portrait of a woman may seem beautiful to me, but it can be seen as sad to another person due to its dark medium. An abstract painting may attract me for its expressive linear work but it may not show the same effect to another person visualizing it. Amazingly, this depends on the neural response of our brain when observing Art. Scientists have discovered that – “the caudate nucleus, located near the center of the brain, increased in proportion to the relative visual beauty of a painting.”

Dr. Eric Kandel, explains that “if you see a source of light, you assume it’s above because the sun comes above. If you see two people, one much larger than the other, you assume the larger one is closer to you. This is built into your brain.”

“By understanding personal perceptions it becomes possible to engage more deeply with the ideas represented in the artwork.”- The Alberta Society of Artists
PE̲RSPETTIVA– Kelsey May Connor


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