I am a student currently reading my BA in Fine Arts, who is always on the verge of exploring new ways in Art and understand its importance in life. I am constantly day dreaming about the meaning of life or make sense of my existence in the world and my childhood through Art, transferring it onto paper. I mostly enjoy working with pencil as a medium, but  I am open to explore different techniques, processes and mediums depending on the subject of the art work. Pencil drawings are my initial thoughts of my creations which I feel comfortable in, and wish to master the medium along the years. I find sculpting, a therapeutic method which makes me feel lost, working on an island alone, through its creative process and technique that makes me feel at ease to explore more in the future. My works mostly reflect my unconscious thoughts that derive from my upbringing. Art for me is a way to explore my identity; reading and learning led me to unleash hidden aspects in my life that I never knew that existed. I can never feel satisfied after finishing an art work. For me, the end product of an art piece, is a new step forward to another idea and another creation.
When I am not with a pencil or a paintbrush in my hand, I enjoy reading, watching movies, going out, playing with my 7 cats (yes 7), going to picnics and living a healthy life.
My blog posts are a reflection of my daily thoughts, my experiences in life and a way of expressing my art creatively. I chose the name PERSPETTIVA (Perspective) because I feel that Art is how we perceive it. My blog posts are a glimpse of my own perspective in life and thoughts to others who read them, and I also chose a Maltese word as it represents my roots, my Nationality and also keep the importance of the Semitic language alive.
PERSPETTIVA is run by Maltese Artist Kelsey May Connor.